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tomatometers 7,5 / 10 star /
writer Ari Aster /
country Sweden, USA /
star Vilhelm Blomgren /
directors Ari Aster

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I was surprised by this film as i thought it was going to be different to this. It wasn’t as good as I hoped but it was still pretty intense and I enjoyed it.
However, I am not afraid of gore and horror but there were a few shocking scenes that really got to me and others that I just brushed off. If you see something coming that you think will bother you then look away and enjoy the rest of the film.
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If i have to watch another film by this guy, Hereditary was one of the most overated movies when it came out, i’ve not met another ordinary person who’s seen and not thought it was anything but a total anti-climax. Was dragged to this new story by the Mrs and sat through it thinking is this ever gonna end. Seriously the people reviewing this with glowing reviews must have been drinking the mushroom tea. Not horror, a few moments just made us laugh but i don’t think thats what Mr Aster intended, bizarre yes, unfortunately 2.5 hours of my life wasted that I’ll never get back.
This instantly became my favorite movie of 2019. I found it delivering to my expectations. It’s not a classic horror movie, there are no jump scares, it takes its time and the entire movie will leave you feeling as if you are on a trip (high) with them. I wanted more from the ending, but this is one movie I will add to my collection.

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I think Ari Aster did one of greatest mistakes of his life.
For a newcomer it is better not to repetitive and do some thing new time to time. But he did exactly what he done on Hereditary.
He told us the story of a hidden community who have some thrilling intentions. Most of the story is predictable due to previous movie. With each hint you can completely what will happen. You know that Mark will get in trouble because of his lust. The British couple will die soon. Maja try to seduce Christiane exactly like the painting. And Dani will be May Queen. It was completely obvious because we expect all this because we do know how Ari Aster works. The only thing that we didn’t expect was this amount of explicit scenes. He did some disturbing scenes in his last works, but this was completely out of my mind.
Along side this problem we can say the movie is too long, the back story is some how irrelevant and characterization is incomplete. Also I didn’t like the way of presentation, because trough the movie you though that all the people were under drugs effect (and I wont be surprised if they really did. br>
I think if he waited a couple of years and made another movie, this movie could have a better impact.

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Perhaps one of the best films A24 has ever produced and surely one of the best horror-thrillers ever made, Midsommar is a slow-working poison that eventually takes you whole. There are moments of stomach-churning shock that leave you breathless while at the same time leaving you in absolute awe of the sheen of the film’s construction. The cast is perfect, and Ari Aster is destined to make great films, horror or not.
However, this film is not for the impatient or the faint of heart. There is unsettling violence and imagery throughout juxtaposed with stellar beauty. I will be rewatching this as soon as I am able.

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