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Balle perdue is a movie starring Alban Lenoir, Nicolas Duvauchelle, and Ramzy Bedia. A small time delinquent, turned police mechanic for a go fast task force, is forced to defend his innocence when his mentor is killed by dirty cops.
Country – France.
duration – 92 Min.
writer – Guillaume Pierret, Kamel Guemra.
rating – 3139 Votes

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So I read all the reviews, and a lot are negative. Now I respect other persons opinions, but in this case I’m wandering what kind of movies they do like.
This is simply a very good movie. Yes there might be some slight continuity errors, and perhaps the hero is made of steel. Which is basically the only real mistake of the movie, that despite its realism, the hero should have been more hurt, like a broken arm, and a dislocated knee etc etc. That would have also been more funny. But as far as I’m concerned there where almost no plot holes, and what most reviewers missed, was the insanely funny French humor. I just could not stop laughing, especially in the beginning.
The only real other minor error (okay second, the cop car was suddenly chasing him from very close, like another reviewer pointed out) was the truck that suddenly disappeared. Furthermore I hated it that the main cop got killed, because he was for me the leading man, and hilariously funny. I was actually looking forward to them going against the drug dealers. A missed opportunity. But finally an action movie, with no real plot holes, and realistic action, especially the big fight in the police station.

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I true insult for viewers intelligence. 17min it’s all what takes to realize how low is the new low. It’s an unsuccessful comic parody of Jason Bourne who meets Fast&Furious inspired by Donald Duck.
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