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Two years before the Civil War pits brother-against-brother, German-born fugitive hunter Dr. King Schultz (Academy Award-winner Christoph Waltz) arrives in America determined to capture the outlaw Brittle brothers dead or alive. In the midst of his search, Dr. Schultz crosses paths with Django (Academy Award-winner Jamie Foxx), a freed slave and skilled tracker who seeks to rescue his beloved wife Broomhilda (Kerry Washington) from ruthless plantation owner Calvin Candie (Academy Award-nominee Leonardo DiCaprio). Once Django has aided Dr. Schultz in coral ling the Brittle brothers, the two team up to capture some of the most wanted men in the South. Meanwhile, Django never loses sight of his mission to free Broomhilda from the treacherous slave trade before it's too late. Upon arriving at Candie's nefarious plantation, dubbed Candyland, Django and Dr. Schultz discover that slaves are being groomed for gladiator-like competitions by Candie's malevolent right-hand man Billy Crash (Walton Goggins), and together they skillfully work their way onto the compound for a closer look. But just as Django and his partner locate Broomhilda and plot a daring escape, Candie's house slave Stephen (Academy Award-nominee Samuel L. Jackson) catches wind of their plan, and informs his master of the betrayal. Now, as a clandestine organization attempts to back them into a corner, Django and Dr. Schultz will have to come out with pistols blazing if they ever hope to free Broomhilda from Candyland and the clutches of its vile proprietor /
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Quentin Tarantino, the man likes to push boundaries. Django Unchained is not an easy watch. Foul characters are many, taboo speech is thrust upon us constantly and violence is abundant. But all the while, it’s just so damn stylish. Tarantino is in complete control throughout. He knows exactly what he’s about in every scene and makes sure you always know you’re witnessing one of his films from minute one through to minute 165 (yes, even during the credits he’s still up to his old tricks.
The story, set in 1858 (two years prior to the Civil War) follows a German bounty hunter who frees a slave named Django, and the journey the two take to free his enslaved wife. The brutality of the times is never hidden, or even danced around. We’re shown it as it was and you have to admire that. The ‘N’ word is thrown around a multitude of times. At first it’s reasonably shocking to hear the comfort with which the characters throw it about, however by the end you’re pretty accustomed to it. It’s just the way it was. There’s an element of heartbreak for the audience seeing the way these people were treated, probably the clinching factor that got it a well deserved Best Picture nomination at the Academy Awards.
The acting is nothing short of brilliant from all involved (even Tarantino himself. Christoph Waltz steals the show for me, reminiscent of Inglorious Basterds. He’s such an unlikely hero, but he’s just so likable that you can’t help but love him (or if he’s playing a Nazi, admire the hell out of his performance. Jamie Foxx was truly excellent, as was Leo DiCaprio, but the real surprise for me was Samuel L. Jackson. I don’t know how Tarantino does it but he gets the best out of that man every time. If only he had directed Snakes on a Plane.
Django Unchained is a must see movie. It doesn’t matter if you’re worried about whether you’ll be able to handle the violence or the tough themes, you have to put those worries to one side, grit your teeth and get to your local theater. It might not be easy to sit through, but boy is it rewarding at the end.

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